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Just Therapy uses a strength based, collaborative, and family centered approach. We are an evidence-based practice. We specialize in providing therapy to children 3-12 years old. Just Therapy has two full sensory gyms. Each child receives individual therapy in the therapy room by themselves. We pride ourselves on maintaining relationships and communication with families and caregivers. Each session is tailored to the individual child, making sessions meaningful and motivating to the child and family.

Individual Occupational Therapy:

  • Sensory Integration Therapy SI/OT

  • Self-regulation

  • Executive function

  • Fine motor delays

  • Self-care (i.e. shoe tying, dressing, hygiene)

  • Handwriting including Handwriting Without Tears program

  • Visual perception difficulties 

  • Motor planning/Praxis skills

  • Interoception

  • OT within the school 

  • Consultation for families and schools

  • ADHD, autism, learning disabilities, sensory processing, developmental coordination disorder, dysgraphia 

  • Neurodiversity affirming

  • Ages 3-12

Evaluation & Treatment:

Initial contact is typically through an email or phone call from a concerned parent. This initial contact identifies what the child’s needs are and what specific evaluation tools are necessary for outcome information.  The individual evaluation can be done with the parent in the room or not in the room with the child. Our goal is comfort for the child and in testing, to achieve the very best results.  Appropriate standardized tests and clinical observations of your child complete the hands-on test time. It is typically completed in 1.5 hours. Following this hands-on time, a family phone conference to discuss the results and design the individualized plan is arranged, along with a written report.

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